How to Automate Promotional Activities in Your Media Partnerships


This guide assumes that you are already using DrivePly to streamline your media partnership workflows. If not, you can signup here.

Why should I automate my media partnerships?

Many of the tasks that are done while working on a media partnership are tedious and repetitive. Promoting partners on social media, on newsletters are typical examples.

In addition, they can easily be automated with DrivePly.

What tasks can I automate?

You may have different automation opportunities depending on your workflow.

Here are a few examples of media partnership tasks that you can automate.

  • Posting social media updates about your partner events and/or media partners (e.g. on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Creating a newsletter to promote your partner events and/or media partners (e.g. with Mailchimp, GetResponse, etc.)
  • Creating other templated content with media partnership information such as interview, event coverage articles, featured articles, etc.
  • Sharing information about the media partnership with your team on Slack, Google Sheets, Asana, Email etc.

How can I automate a media partnership?

DrivePly offers a Webhook interface that you can use to send the data about your partner events and media partners to any automation service (we listed a few options below).

The process is simple.

You can do the following for each task that you want to automate:

  1. Open your favorite automation tool (we listed some free and paid options below).
  2. Set up an automation with a Webhook trigger. Copy the webhook URL.
  3. Use the Webhook URL from step 2 to set up the Webhook in DrivePly. Use merge tags to add any data about the media partnership you need for your automation
  4. Send data to the Webhook from DrivePly. If you are promoting an event, you can do this from the Promote Event page. If you are promoting a media partner, you can do this from the Promote Partner page.

Automation Services

Here is a list of services that you can use to easily automate your media partnership tasks. For each entry in the list, we also included a link to their guide about how to use Webhooks.


Zapier is a popular automation tool that connects various web applications and enables users to create automated workflows, known as “Zaps.” It allows seamless integration between different apps, automating repetitive tasks and improving productivity.

With Zapier, you can streamline your workflow and save time by automating data transfers and actions across multiple platforms.

With a paid plan you will have access to Zapier webhook triggers.

Set up an automation with webhook trigger on Zapier. (formerly Integromat) is an automation platform that enables users to connect and automate workflows between various apps and services. With its visual interface and extensive integration capabilities, enables seamless data transfer, task automation, and process optimization, helping businesses streamline operations and increase productivity.

On, webhook triggers are available on the free plan.

Set up an automation with webhook trigger on


IFTTT (If This, Then That) is an automation platform that connects different apps and devices to create customized workflows and automations. With its simple “if this, then that” logic, users can easily integrate and automate tasks across multiple platforms, enhancing productivity and efficiency in their digital lives.

Set up an automation with webhook trigger on IFTTT.